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  1. Your post was not deleted, Tucker. It is listed in "Big Game Hunting". Ease of safety reversal was not a primary design consideration in the R1 trigger group. My hat is off to you for successfully completing the task. We don't provide instructions for reversing the safety on any of our models.....way too much liability. That being said, we would have been happy to have done it for you.....if you had asked. As for the R1 forend cap tightness.......If there are red dots on the side, you just tighten until it gets snug and then align the marks with each other. If you don't have the dots, then there should be a large spring in the base of the cap, in which case you should tighten until you feel a well defined stopping point. The heavy spring provides the stopping point as further tightening would require compressing the spring....and that would be difficult. The idea is to get the same amount of tension each time the rifle is reassembled in order to keep your point of impact consistent. Customer Service Manager Benelli USA [ 09-09-2004, 09:15 PM: Message edited by: Montefeltro ]
  2. The Nova safety can be reversed but if you have never seen it done, it can be a bit tricky. Benelli will perform the task for you....free of charge. Call the customer service department to get a return authorization and shipping instructions. If you do it right away, we can get it turned around within a week. Customer Service Manager Benelli USA
  3. Montefeltro

    Broken SBE

    Maybe....just maybe, it would be worth your time to give Benelli a call to see what they can do for you. Maybe there won't be any "big bucks" involved with getting your SBE back in business. In fact, if you email [email protected] with your serial number and contact info, we can get started on this project right away. Customer Service Manager Benelli USA
  4. Unfortunately you will encounter the same roadblock to mounting a Benelli Steady-Grip stock on a Stoeger 2000. Benellis have a tube attached to the rear of the receiver. This tube contains the recoil assembly. The end of the tube has has a threaded post extending out which accepts the stock mounting nut. The Stoeger 2000 has no such tube as the reoil spring is wound around the magazine tube. The stock of the 2000 is mounted by the use of a long bolt that screws into the receiver. It's pretty much a male vs. female situation. Customer Service Manager Benelli USA
  5. The Benelli inertia-recoil recoil system is licensed by Stoeger for use in the model 2000. The cycling action of the two are very similar but the design and fabrication are very much different. The Benelli recoil spring is located in the buttstock, whereas the model 2000's is on the magazine tube. The buttstock is attached to the model 2000 with a traditional stock bolt......and for this reason, the Comfort-Tech stock will not work. Some parts of the two guns are similar in appearance but they should never be interchanged. Customer Service Manager Benelli USA
  6. Anyone who contacted [email protected] would have received instructions to send their trigger group to Accokeek, MD. If you called our regular customer service, then a return authorization number would have been assigned and you'd have been given the address of our facility in Pocomoke, MD. If you sent your trigger to Pocomoke, don't worry. I'm taking a trip there on Thursday and will take care of any trigger groups that are there. As for the number we have received so far........34. Customer Service Manager Benelli USA
  7. Pentale, If you sent your trigger group to the Accokeek address, then I can assure you an alternate trigger spring was installed. I have personally changed each and every one that has come here. I did not attempt to pass judgement as to whether or not it was already acceptable....I just removed the safety plunger spring, installed the alternate spring, function tested and visually inspected the assembly. If you feel there is something else we can do to assist you, by all means please let us know. Customer Service Manager Benelli USA
  8. It's unlikely anything will break....but there is always the possibility of losing something. If you are taking the gun apart, then just think about what parts you might drop in the dirt.....bolt handle, magazine cap, limiter plug. If you take your bolt assy. apart then you may want a locking head pin, firing pin/spring, and firing pin retainer pin w/ o-ring. I have never seen a broken firing pin... If you need any additional info, contact our customer service dept. Customer Service Manager Benelli USA
  9. Joe.... Do you have access to a digital camera? If you could take a photo that shows what you have described, I could give you an answer. Have you shot the gun? Are there any problems when cycling shells? Customer Service Manager Benelli USA
  10. Will we be shipping you the trigger assem. or are y'all gonna send us the spring? Good (and reasonable) question, Drundel. We will need to get the trigger assembly back. It's the only way we can keep QA intact. That's why I'm promising a two-day turnaround. In most cases it will likely be turned around in only one. Thanks for asking. Customer Service Manager Benelli USA
  11. We have received authorization from the chief engineer to change the safety spring in SBE II and M2 model shotguns. We now have a small quantity of the alternative springs on hand and will perform a two-day turnaround for anyone who desires it. Even if you have already modified your safety spring by cutting coils or substitution, we encourage you to take advantage of this. Send an email to: [email protected] include your name, address and the serial number of your shotgun. Feel free to include any questions you may have concerning the process. We will reply with shipping instructions and answers to your questions. Customer Service Manager Benelli USA
  12. What is the purpose of the [email protected] AOL account at Benelli USA? Dear Threeshot, The [email protected] account is over 6 years old and pre-dates our website. If you you click on our "contact us" tab, you will see a map of the US. As you move the cursor around, you will see what is happening on the bottom of your screen. Depending on which state you select, the email address will be customer1,2,3,4,5,6,7, or 8 @ benelliusa.com. I chose to use the aol account for this endeavor because it will put them all in one place. This is more efficient than asking 8 customer service reps to forward them.....and it cuts down the liklihood of something getting lost. Today I received some good news from the engineers and will be posting a new topic on the board as soon as the details are worked out. Customer Service Manager Benelli USA
  13. *****STATUS UPDATE***** In order to ensure I was looking at the same thing as everyone else, I asked a customer to ship his SBE II (with stiff safety) to our corporate office. Once I had the gun in my hands, I clicked the safety on and off a few times....it's a little stiff. I don't want to sound sexist, but I took the gun to several "smaller" people in the office. Each of them were able to function the safety without any great difficulty. Nonetheless.....the safety is definitely more stiff than the M1, SBE. I have spoken with the chief engineer at the factory in Italy and he advised us the safety functions as designed. The safety in our SBE II and M2 is the same system used in the Joint Services Combat Shotgun, M-1014. (milspec) I agree in principal with all who have posted here with regard to the level of difficulty in operating the safety. Subsequently, I have asked our engineers to look at what might be done to resolve the issue without compromising safety. Our engineers will not authorize any changes or modifications without the requisite research and testing. They are doing this.....but it takes time. If there is a way to make the button operate more comfortably without compromise, then I am confident they will do so. If anyone would like to comment or send form letters, you are most certainly welcome to do so at: [email protected] Customer Service Manager Benelli USA
  14. Threeshot.....how about sending me a private message with your contact information. I'm presently in Dayton, OH but I will forward your info to my assistant. If you are agreeable, I would like to get your gun shipped to my office. Nothing against your webcam, but those photos look like something from an electron scanning microsope. I would like to examine the barrel and have one of our Stoeger Publications photographers take a few pics. We shouldn't be shipping dinged-up barrels. I've never seen this sort of thing before, so I'd like to nip it in the bud. We'll make this right....I'm looking forward to hearing from you. Customer Service Manager Benelli USA
  15. Gee whiz, Camo.....I thought I was helping you out. I relayed the info to our chief engineer in Italy, and just as I said before, I will post his reply. I can assure that prior to getting an answer, Benelli will research the issue. I expect an answer in a few days. Stay tuned..... Customer Service Manager Benelli USA
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