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  1. Birddog That is a clever story, but I don't see where a work truck someone else paid for relates to a new shotgun. I expect a $1,400 Benelli shotgun fresh from the factory not to have any defects/flaws. I definitly think that having an even-consistent blue job is reasonable expectation. Getting it scratched and dinged while using it is to be expected, but Iit shouldn't come from the factory that way.
  2. cmsgtgary


    Has anyone seen/shot the M2 with the new comfortech stock? If yes, what did you think of it? I'm thinking of ordering one with a 26" barrel.
  3. I recently purchased a Sport II that upon inpsection under flourescent lighting, I noticed the blueing was hazy in numerous areas and had spotting in other areas. It appears benelli may have some problems in their barrel bluing/handling processes. I've sent the barrel back to have it reblued, I should get it back by the end of June. I hope it turns out ok, because I really like the way the gun shoots, but for the money it cost, it should also look good.
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