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  1. Yes they fit and no stepped rib.These tubes also fit my brothers regular montefeltro.
  2. I recieved extended crio chokes with my montefeltro2.The dealer said the gun was put in the wrong box and the chokes would'nt work!! I called cs they said if the tubes fit they would work and that I have a crio barrel!This does'nt seem right.Any thoughts!
  3. Hi guys,new to the forum. I bought a montefeltro grade 2 thru the internet from a dealer in New Mexico. When I recieved the gun I noticed that it had a thin butt pad on it.Called CS they said they only put the thick butt pad on the 12 gauge.I see plenty of montes on the net with the thinner pads brand new in the box.What gives? Also the wood doesn't seem to be the upgraded walnut! The serial number confirms grade 2. The dealer hasn't returned my call yet.
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