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  1. tc

    MI recoil

    i have shot light loads in my m-1 and 11-87 and the recoil in both was about the same. i plan to install the limbsaver and use the bob-allen shoulder recoil pad once pheasant and duck season begins.
  2. there are various cleaning kits and products on the market which can make the selection process confusing. i need some input on what works the best when i clean my benelli m-1. your thoughts on: -hoppe's bore snake -traditional rod cleaning system -otis cleaning system using memory-flex rod -otis bore cleaner, hoppes no. 9 -rem, beretta or militec oils
  3. the two ways i have heard to reduce recoil on the m-1 field is to install a precision fit recoil pad by limbsaver or a benelli mercury recoil suppressor. which installation will benefit me more or should i try both. the limbsaver rep. told me that their recoil pad for the m-1 field reduces felt recoil by 40-50%. is this true? the benelli rep. told me their mercury recoil suppressor weighs 11 ounces and reduces felt recoil by only 15-18%. the only drawback i see to this method is that it will increase the weight of the m-1 to nearly eight pounds, thus defeating the purpose of having a lighter gun. i would appreciate some input on this subject.
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