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  1. fox

    Cleaning the SBE

    that was it. thanks.
  2. fox

    Cleaning the SBE

    I was cleaning my SBE this morning and when I was putting it back together I found a spring abour 1" long and hard to compress. I do not remember taking this out of the gun and when I put it back to gether everything seems to work. Does anyone know where this spring goes?
  3. fox

    how to stop rust

    While I was hunting last week I noticed my gun was starting to rust. I took some gun oil and got the rust off but you can still see some rust pits. Is there anything that I can put on the gun to stop the rust and make the rust pits go away?
  4. fox

    low profile shells

    This actually was a problem that my dad had when he took my gun last year. I do not know what shells he was using to cause this problem. I did buy box 3-1/4 dr.eq., 1 1/8 oz. low brass so hopefully this work. Thanks for your help.
  5. fox

    low profile shells

    I boughy me benelli 10 years ago and have always hunted duck and geese. I now live in Texas and starting to hunt dove which I guess you normaly use the low profile shells. The problem that I have is that the low profile shells will not eject from my gun so I have to use the high profile shell. Is there anything that I can do to fix this problem and does Benelli have a warranty for problems like this?
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