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  1. does anybody has rollin oswald fitting stocks book
  2. Can someone please told me how can i shorten a sbe syntetic stock or if theres some company (website) where they sell custom made stocks
  3. tucker301 thank you but are you sure that is the correct screw and another thing my sight is red(original) but i think that makes me fail breaking clays before of the sbe i had a mossberg 500 and it work really good for me i got a good score it had white bead sight then i upgrade to the sbe but my score go down i think its the sight that is fiber red (original) what do you think
  4. Can someone tell me how i can change the front sight of an SBE? And what sight do you recommend (and color) for trap (sporting clays) ? thanks guys
  5. someone knows if i can change the sbe syntetic for the new one that has comfortech????????
  6. thanks i got the idea that may they will work because i have a mossberg 500 that has a ported barrel and someone told me that it reduces recoil
  7. Im a new to shotguns i got a left handed montefeltro can you tell me if a ported choke will reduce the recoil when im shooting and can you recomend me one thanks
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