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  1. Thanks Birddog, I went into the other forums and found some information. It looks like you really need to do a good job breaking in the gun. It appears if you want the SBE II to cycle light loads, you need to run several heavy 3" mag loads thru it prior to shooting any lights. As to how many, some of the posts report as many as 200. That seems to be somewhat excessive, but I guess if you want it to perform perfectly then this is what you got to do. Any additional information would be appreciated. Thanks Again Flatlander
  2. I am currently doing some research on Semi-Auto's and am interested in the Benelli line. I will be hunting pheasants, quail and light geese. I am interested in the ability of the Benelli to handle 2 3/4 field loads up to 3 1/2 goose loads. Was wondering if anybody could give me some feedback as to how well this system works. I have picked up an SBE II and just fell in love with the feel and fit. Looking forward to hearing from you. Flatlander
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