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  1. Nuts. Thanks for the info. Brent
  2. Hello: I am interested in purchasing one of these for an upcoming 3 day shotgun class with Randy Cain. The webpage doesn't indicate if the Nova Tactical (I'm interested in the one with the ghost ring sights) has an adjustable choke barrel or a fixed choke barrel. Does anyone know? Also, what is the cost people are seeing for these? Thanks- Brent
  3. Steve Tarani Edged Weapons 1 Course Birmingham, Michigan March 5-6, 2005 Steve Tarani needs no introduction. Cost of the class is $275 which includes a free training knife. For more information, please visit our website at www.triad-tactical.com This class should fill quickly, so if you are interested please register ASAP. Brent A. Chambers Triad Tactical Training www.triad-tactical.com
  4. Hello all- great forum here, glad to join. I'm taking a three day shooting intensive defensive shotgun course and plan to buy a ghost-ring sight Nova for use in the class. I've had great luck with Benelli and Beretta products in the field so thought I'd keep within these products for a tactical gun. Does anyone know of a light mount that will fit the two-shot extension tube available for Nova's? Thanks everyone- Brent
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