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  1. I have a M3 Super 90 that I was using while on duty. However now that I am not using it any longer for that purpose, I thought it would make a good Turkey/Duck gun. However the barrel has a fixed choke (I'm assuming MOD or I/C). Anyone know if there are any other compatible barrels for the M3 that have field changable chokes? I don't see M3 barrels listed on Benelli's website. My other idea was to take the barrel to a smith and have them thread it for factory Benelli chokes, but I honestly don't know if that is even possible. If it is, anyone have any suggestions or recommendation on
  2. I think this has probably been asked before but will the M4 stock (either fixed or adjustable) fit on either a M3 or M1? Forget the legal stuff as these are SGs for LEO.
  3. gseto

    M3 upgrades

    Thanks for the reply. I'm actually talking about changing our the M3 stock for a M4 stock. I currently have a FNH shotgun what uses a AR15 4 pos stock, and it works great. Which is why I would love to have a collapsible stock on my M3. I'm really thinking about selling my M3 if I can find a LEO/Non-LEO M4.
  4. gseto

    M3 upgrades

    Hello All; I'm just curious if it is possible to use the M4 stock on a M3 shotgun? Also I've been thinking about putting a side saddle on my M3, however I am hearing that I should not since it can cause a problem with cycling. I'm also looking into some type of light system, I see that surefire makes a forearm for the M1, anyone know of a system for the M3? Anyone tried to have a optics rail mounted on a M3?. ****, I should just sell my M3 and get a M4!!! Thanks [ 10-16-2004, 11:08 PM: Message edited by: gseto ]
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