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  1. Thanks for posting the pictures steve!
  2. How do I post pictures???
  3. I only had him do the two postions, to be honest I did'nt think about adding more. I do know that you could do it though. I'm not sure what he used to refinish the tube since it is stainless but what ever it is it is holding up great.
  4. I have a M1014 that a had a very tallented local machinist machine the recoil tube to make it a fully collapsible stock, I read all threads about doing this and alot of people said tou will destroy the reciver by removing the recoil tube, he had no trouble what so ever. My stock works Great!! I will post some pictures tomorrow of the gun. I will also have the gun at the big tulsa gun show coming up Oct 22 and 23 my booth is 27D2. If any one is interested in having this done to theres let me know. Right now are turn around time is very short.
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