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  1. Thanks for the replies... geeseM2, how are you using a FULL choke with steel? I thought using a full choke with steel was not recommended? If you are using lead i can see that but here in Canada we are not allowed to use lead. As for land, i am about 16 hrs (by car) from Thunderbay but i know the hunting is excellent just about anywhere in Ont and the further north you go the better it gets. So i would hazard a guess that it is GREAT!!!!!!
  2. I just purchased a Nova Pump with a 28" barrel. I primarily use 3.5" Win Xpert Hi-Velocity BB shells for Geese and the same brand in 3" #3 for ducks. First off what choke (that came with the gun) should i use (IC OR MOD) and secondly are these shells a good choice? Thanks
  3. Well i just bought a Nova yesterday and shot the 3.5's for the first time....i noticed no difference between my 3" Xpert Hi-Velocity BB shells and the same in 3.5"..... What a great gun.....
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