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  1. Hello GreyHoundLover, I would not suggest using a modified choke for shooting slugs. Improved Cylinder would be your safest bet. You should be able to pick up a IC at any sporting goods store. It may not be a Benelli choke however, other companies make chokes adaptable to your Benelli shotgun. Good Luck Hunting My Friend, Patrick Flanigan
  2. Hello Zach, My advice would be purchasing a cheap three dollar hand thrower and a box of champion clays for around four dollars. This would be the cheapest route however, the gun situation is a rough one. Start saving now and hope to borrow until you have aquired the finacials to purchase a cheaper pump shotgun. Now! If you'd really like to get professional start with a BB gun and fine tune your accuracy afterall, if your a dead eye with a BB gun you will be money with a shotgun. I am not trying to be-little or down grade your current shooting status I am only making a suggestion. This is the cheapest advice I can think of. Best of luck my friend! Patrick Flanigan [ 01-14-2005, 10:33 AM: Message edited by: Nelli Girl ]
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