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  1. Everyone I talked to said they had a great time there. Two others and myself were training for World Cup Selection at the end of the month and missed the shoot. Congratulations on a well organized and loved event. Zach BTW: I am from Lindenwood University
  2. Hello, I was bored and looked myself up on Google to see what came up. Well this thread was brought up and I don't even remember writing it. However, I find it entertaining to read. I know this is a dead thread, but I figured I would comment to show that you can find a way to get where you want to. Currently I'm 19 and attending Lindenwood University. I now shoot Olympic trap on the U.S. Junior Olympic Team. I just enjoyed seeing this thread from way back then. Zach Bollman
  3. Thanks for the advise, the only problem with the BB gun though is that my body will adjust to the speed of the BB, while a shotgun fires off a much faster moving shot. I already have this problem since i moved from a 35# to a 45# bow and i am still shooting like i am using the 35#. Zach Bollman
  4. if you have a store around you that will hire a 13 year old let me know, and what skill do i need to improve. I need money to IMPROVE my shooting skill. anyone with a helpful thought or a well thought out post please post up.
  5. okay, i love to shoot trap, skeet, and sporting clay. Inbetween schoolwork and not having much money at the moment, I am in a little trouble with getting practice. The local range closes about a hour after i get out of school, and i am 13(no car). I have loads of paintball equipment that i have been trying to sell so i can get a clay thrower to use with a friend who also loves trap and smallgame/bird hunting. Does anyone have any help or a substitute so i can practice. I am also inbetween a rock and another hard place because i need a new gun and i don't want to damage my dads "red label". If
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