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  1. STA - The gas pistons as well as the rest of the gun is fine. Look, the situation is as we have all come to see, 4-Port "Low Recoil Rounds" barrels are for that type of ammo ONLY, no matter what Benelli says or states in thier manual. It's just a shame that we have to do this type of research ourselves! I would love to get a 2-Port barrel for my M4 11707, but we will have to see what Benelli Customer Service does with my repair. And after reading some other threads, I do not think that is going to happen. Maybe a letter from an Attorney might help...hmmm
  2. My friend is selling his M4 11707 w/ Side Saddle and 2 Shot Extension. Less than 300 rounds thru it. It has the "Low Recoil Rounds" barrel" as well. PM me and I will give you his info, if you want to get the details.
  3. I shoot a lot of 3-Gun Matches with heavy steel poppers, and paper targets out to 30 yards. I know "Tactical" ammo is available, but cost can be an issue for general "plinking". I need suggestions on what Brands of Low Recoil Ammo that works and will not "batter" these 4-Port Barrels: #6 Shot "Low Recoil"? Slug "Low Recoil"? 00 Buck "Low Recoil"? Your feedback would be helpfull, so I do not "Break" my bolt carrier or gas pistons.
  4. Thanks for all the feedback, and I am beginning to see what I am going to have to do. For all of us that have 4-Port "Low Recoil Rounds" Barrels on our M4's, we are going to be limited to just that, Low Recoil Rounds. I am just starting to work with Customer Service, since they are short staffed this week. I will keep you posted on what I find out.
  5. Well, it happened to me again! My M4 11707 LE broke over the weekend and this time it is in a different spot. I have less than 350 rounds thru it since I got it back after Benelli replaced the bolt carrier and barrel when it broke the first time. During a routine cleaning and inspection after the shoot, I noticed that the bolt carrier had cracked. The crack is on the left side of the bolt carrier and is just below the bolt head pin cam channel. See Photos: Benelli M4 Cracked Bolt Carrier Pictures I use Remington Game Load #6 2 ¾ inch shells exclusively for the
  6. Guess What? Another M4 LE / 11707 with Serial # Y0074xx suffered a catastrophic failure during an IDPA 3 Gun Match! The failure was exactly the same type that I had, but much worse! During a buckshot stage, the shooter was firing OO Buckshot when the bolt “froze” while it was trying to eject the spent shell, immediately rendering the shotgun useless. The failure was so severe that the bolt remains “frozen” just about a ½ inch back from the “closed locked” position with the spent shell still attached by the extractor. Again, the cause of this failure is a failure of the
  7. To answer your questions regarding the rest of the ARGO System on my M4: Gas Pistons: They look fine, and travel smoothly in their tubes. Gas Piston Stops in the Reciever: No damage or signs of overtravel impacts Reciever Rails: Again no damage or signs of "excessive" wear. That is why I think the issue is related to the manufacture of the bolt carrier. I sent the whole gun back, at thier request. They felt that due to product liability issues, a simple replacement of the bolt carrier would be risky. That indicates to me that there may be "other" issues wit
  8. Here is the detailed summary of the failure with supporting pictures and documentation. The link is to a PDF file: M4 LE 11707 Failure Summary
  9. I purchased my M4 LE / 11707 on October 6th 2004 under the impression that the Benelli M4 LE / 11707 is the most reliable, heavily tested and respected tactical shotgun on the market. I was willing to pay the premium associated with owning a Benelli and did. I am very disappointed with product I had purchased since it “broke” after less than 200 rounds! Background History: October 6th 2004 – Purchased New in Box at an Authorized Dealer October 7th 2004 – Lubed and Assembled for Shooting October 9th 2004 – Went to the Range and fired: (75) Rounds Winchester SuperX Ga
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