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  1. wfjones99

    R1 Recoil

    When Omega75 said, "I have the .308 caliber R1 upgraded with the Comfortech stocks" it got my attention! This is exciting. I don't seem to be able to order the .308W R1 with Comfortech right now. Please help me understand exactly how you "upgraded" to put Comfortech stock on your .308W R1? How expensive was your upgrade compared to just the standard R1/Comfortech in some other caliber? Did you special order just the Comfortech stock and fore-end? How did you specify the correct size - or is there only one size stock so far? How long did you have to wait to get your "upgrad
  2. Very glad to hear that indeed the slug barrels for the Supernova actually exist and can be purchased. My local supplier claims to have contacted Benelli directly with this question and they came back with a big NO WAY. Eager to hear back as you have a chance to shoot yours. So now my question is whether such a slug barrel can tolerate regular lead shot loads. Can anyone look in their user guide for either the Supernova or the Nova for me? When a rifled slug barrel is in use, are there any concerns expressed about shooting lead-shot loads? I do understand that lead shot in a rifled b
  3. And if I may... To add to my last post, I have no doubt that the Benelli innovations evident in the R1 (or some variation) may well become a very strong contender for the next-generation military rifle. Benelli certainly showed they could succeed with the M4 shotgun. Thanks, Bill
  4. Thanks again for all the feedback and comments. To drcam, you say: "If you really need more than 3 follow up shots something else must be wrong. " Please don't get me wrong. I don't really plan to do much of anything other than go plinking on the range. Hunting is fine - just not my cup of tea. After a few months of IPSC with a revolver, it sounded like fun to try reactive target shooting with a 20-round semi-auto rifle. I enjoy the research perhaps as much as actually owning the rifle. In addition if I can only afford one rifle, I am more interested in the .308 caliber than the
  5. Thanks for all the helpful comments. This is a great place to learn. I appreciate your time. To tucker301, you say: "ANY rifle chambered for .308 Win. will fire 7.62 x 51 ammo without a problem. " Yet I see a fair about of alternate comments on that point. Especially I see: http://carnival.saysuncle.com/002453.html In that URL, I see this statement among others: "So the two cartridges [308 & 7.62 NATO] should not be automatically considered interchangeable even though the cartridges themselves are very close to each other. The headspace difference of the rifl
  6. Hello, I am a very happy owner of a SBE2 with ComforTech. I am trying to learn more about the R1 in 308 caliber. 1. Does anyone know when Benelli plans to offer the R1 in 308 Win caliber with ComforTech? 2. Does anyone know if the current R1 in 308 Win with Wood Stock supports firing of 7.62x51mm Nato ammo? Does the R1 manual reference this point? What does it say? 3. Does anyone know if it makes sense to take an R1 barrel in 308 Win caliber to a gun smith to have it modified to instead only support 7.62x51mm Nato ammo? I do realize this will void the
  7. Any indication when Benelli migh offer the ComforTech recoil reduction stock with the Nova line of pump shotguns?
  8. Hello all: Just joined this forum. I certainly like the look of the products that Benelli has to offer. Asking for a moment of your time to help me better understand the Nova accessories. I like the fact that the Nova Slug Gun receiver is already tapped to mount a scope rail - as stated by Benelli. Then I read that the use of a slug barrel requires a special Nova fore-end. As Benelli states: >>Slug barrels require a modified fore-end sold >>separately. So then, if I buy a Nova Slug gun - already with rifled barrel and corre
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