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  1. efudd

    Selecting a gun

    robk i shoot with a friend that had a nova now he shoots a franchi alceone-- for trap--- all of those extra moving parts---ugly-- the feeling--- o/u's just shoot and the second shot when needed is just there---look around when you next shoot at a clay bird and ask why do all of these (or most of them ) have single barrels or over/unders
  2. efudd

    Selecting a gun

    hey ten percent --welcome to the smoke-- you might be happy with a stoeger condor the supreme is about 500 bucks and the standard is even less, warning they do have a few quirks but all are not junk and i do like mine a condor supreme and for what it is worth stoeger makes a very good barrell, awesome patterns -- the bt99 is awesome but still about a thousand bucks-- used i have seen them at about a thusand bucks--but worth it -- but before you double your budget see if you can find someone with a condor or just take a look at the gun shop--too bad that there is not an option for thirty-two inch barrels
  3. zach-- ask around and see if any of the guys at athe gun club are into the boy scouts , a scout leader that i know here takes his group shooting as well as camping and ;hiking and all of that stuff, my first shotgun was a bolt action mossberg 20 guage paid thirty bucks for it used it was, got the money from picking blackberries and selling them to the neighbors-- so where there is a will there is a way and you can do it just don't give up--make it happen--and you in all likley hood won't find a gun in the 30 dollar price range cause that was in 1961--just charge more for the berries
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