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Adam Barkoskie

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    Saint Augustine, Florida
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    Hunting, Fishing, Ranching, Farming, Music (Country, Southern Rock) etc.
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  1. I Wolud still say the same thing for your over and under.
  2. i meant to say i'm gonna look for a 30-30 after Christmas. Thank You.
  3. Thank you for your suggestion I'm gonna look for after the holidays. *Adam [email protected]*
  4. From what I know if it's a Shotgun a 26' Barrell will not hol a pattern as far as the 28" barrell would. But if your talking about rifles then ignore this reply. *Adam [email protected]*
  5. My Name Is Adam Barkoskie and I'am 13. I started hunting with a single shot .410, I got a single shot 12 gauge (New England Firearm) with my Christmas money. I was searching around the New England Firearms website and i found a program that you can buy a rifle barell that fits onto my single shot 12 gauge. It is a .410 that is modified to hold a Colt .45 bullet also. Is it a good idea to buy this additional Barell for $111.00 or to buy a whole new gun all together that would cost me an arm and a leg? New England Firearms Homepage [email protected]
  6. Zach, -I'm 13 to, I started using a .410 break barrell single shot. I'm now using a 12 gauge single shot from New England Firearms, I've had it little over a year, you usually only get one shot at a deer anyways so why spend money you don't have. when I bought my New England Firearm it was only $105.00 after taxes and a background check, You can usually find them at Wal-Mart. Also at Wal-Mart they have a Skeet Thrower for $30.00. (LOOK FOR HOLIDAY SALE'S) *Adam [email protected]*
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