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  1. Exactly, my Alcione Field didn't know the difference between a duck and the burglar who was running from my 3" BB's. No Lie, Broke in and I got a call, just happened I took my shotgun to work, because I was going hunting after work. I didn't aim at him! Thats dangerous, but he didn't know that!
  2. I use an over and under, so, do you think that I should get a Mod and IC or Mod in both? I thought about that, hunting in swamps that when the birds come in, they are gone at the bat of an eye. Normally you only get 1 shot off before they are gone. I think I'm just gonna have to buy some, waste the money and test my pattern's this summer? I hate the fact that they can't be returned. I tried e-bay but not many people sell them. Maybe I need to find out if a show is going on where a choke manufacturer would be there. I might be able to pick up some deals.
  3. So, it makes the Gun louder????? What about standard Extended Chokes?? Do they help with steel and lead shot?
  4. I need to know. I'm interested i finding info on different loads and patterns etc. Let me know how I can get hold of something.
  5. Alright, do the Extended chokes work better for steel shot?? Improved and Modified is what i have now, but they just the standard choke. Will getting two extended chokes help my pattern and reduce recoil using steel shot?
  6. I was suppost to spend this week in Mississippi, I don't know where duck hunting. I decided in November I was not going. How luck was I! The friends that did go, NEVER HIT A THING.
  7. Whats the deal with these ported chokes for steel shot. Will it help me hit any more birds or are they just "For the Pro's"
  8. I'll take that back about Briley. When your buying for a 0/U this stuff gets expensive. $50 x 2 = NO! Who else makes a good Choke?
  9. I'm new to Waterfowl but I have the bugg! Alright, I'm using Kent Stell Shot becuase it's cheap and it's steel. Is this alright to be using it? O/U, Ducks, #2 3" 1 3/8" O/U, Canada Geese, #4 3" 1 3/8" Would you say that was fair? Also, Chokes for Waterfowl. If It's gonna be a choke, it's gonna be a Briley. Extended, Flush, Ported WHERE DO I START?? Teach me Grasshopper!
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