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  1. Hi just bought a Benelli vinci.I am a left handed shooter and wondered which shim I should use.The manuael does not clearly identify it ,only stating it is the one whithout marking thing is there all marked up with, zdx,Bdx and Cdx .Any ideas would be greatly recieved regards Jon
  2. Guys I am a Limey I get the mention of what my American cousins refer to as a hooker we also have the word Fag this in england is slang for cigarette ,oh so close but so very far away.LOL
  3. Great looking new gun but no left handed model.Beneli you have made your name in the semi-auto market by providing left hookers with the choice of a dedicated left handed auto.Please please please lets have a left handed version of this gun -Can any one from Benelli tell us if they have plans for a left hander.
  4. Can anyone offer any assistance with this slightly annoying problem.I have a brand new Benelli M2 I have had it around six months and put just over 1000 cartridges through it.Very occasionaly after inserting the first cartridge you are unable to push the shell carrier down therefore you are not able to insert the second cartridge.The carrier is jammed tight and will not push down.When this has occured I have ejected the first cartrige and reloaded and every thing appears to be ok.This week I shot at the local clay ground and out of 100 targets it did this around four times.Has anyone any anwse
  5. Ike thanks for the reply but which gun do you favour for sporting clays regards Bravo
  6. Hi I am a English shooter and at present I do not own a Benelli.I am thinking about getting one however and I would like your advice. I primarily shoot clays and I am a left handed shot.It appears that the supersport is Benellis clay buster.However I notice that the M2 has all the features that the supersport has apart from the ported barell. The M2 is available in a dedicated left hand version and here in the uk the M2 retails for $500 less than the supersport. Both weigh the same both have the crio chokes and the comfitech stock. Can you offer any oppinions as to what exactly are the
  7. No unfortunatly not.I am considering either Benelli or the Browning Cyenergy
  8. I am a clay shooter here in the uk.At the moment I shoot a Beretta Tekyns but I am going to sell it as it jams too regular.I still rather shoot a semi auto rather than a o/u.I was thinking about the sbe11 or the M2.Can anyone offer any advice in respect of these two models and their sutability to sporting clays.(Benelli sporter not generaly available in the uk)
  9. I was hoping to be able to buy the sbe11,but unfortunatly I have found out that they are not for general release on the uk market.Due to this I am now hoping to buy the original superblack eagle.Can anyone rate this gun.It is my intention to use the gun mainly for sporting clays any advice would be appreciated -Jon the Brit
  10. Hi I am a regular on the clay scene here in the uk.I am sold on semi autos and currently shoot a Remington 11-87.I was/am looking for the ultimate sporting auto and believe I have may have found it in the sbe11 or the supersports model.My querey is do the supersports come in a left hand version if not what about the sbe11 purley for sporting clays ?Also the sbe11 is not on release here until I believe April/May of 05 any one have any idea how much the gun will retail here in the uk(anwsers please Beneli)Thanks Jon
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