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  1. what brand of shells have you been using. I have been using Kent and Federel and neither seem to work better than the other.
  2. What do you mean 4 percent failure rate. Has it happened more than twice? If the round that you found in blind was close than it must have just dropped out of the gun huh? Mine fly out like a spent shell.
  3. [Well, I took the troublesome super black devil II out for another spin last weekend. I don't know why I keep putting myself through this grief but sense I spent so much money I wanted to use it. It started spitting out the third shell again consitintantly, so I thought I would outsmart it and only put in two shells. Well just my luck it started spitting that one out as well. I just can't win. My gun is the offical SBEII one shot wonder! I wish Benelli would give me some advice over the phone or pay for a local gunsmith to check it out. After duck season I am going to send it in and ho
  4. I bought my SBE2 in June. I put over 500 rounds through it during dove season in Sep. and it didn't give me any problems. Then I put about 500 more 3 1/2 rounds through during this duck season and it was fine. Now all of a sudden it is giving me all kinds of grief. Before you read this keep in mind that I am very nice to my gun and clean it after every 30 rounds or so. I am talking about taking it apart and cleaning everything and slightly lubing everything up exactly according to the manufactor. What it does every 5th round of shots or so, it is taking the third shell and instea
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