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  1. If I can down too hard, then I apologies. Recoil comes mainly from the weight of the ejecta you are pushing. Tri-Ball II has three .60" hard cast round balls that weigh 325 grs each...or a total of 975 grs (or 2 1/4 oz), which is a heavy 10 ga load. Sometime during the Tri-Ball II production we switched to a deneser powde, which allowed us to crimp within 2.71" (standard for 12 ga 3" Mag). Some firearms that are 3" have the same lifters, etc as the original 2 3/4" guns. The Remington 870's have a long lifter in 3" and 3 1/2" giuns. Since we went to the denser power and crimped within the 2
  2. All of that is well and good....and if he likes the loads fine and we appreciate his business.....but I want to still make it very clear to everyone that all our ammo is within specs. A post like the one with the damaged mount can give the impression our ammo is dangerous to use...and that can pass from forum to forum. The post in question was called to my attention by a satisfied customer of ours that uses many of our product line. I would stiill like to know who the shooter was that claimed our Tri-Ball II damaged his mount. Regards, James
  3. I very seldon reply to a post like this one....but when someone states " Tri-Balls are insanely hot loads"...I feel like for the sake of the uninformed, I must. First of all, Tri-Ball is not a "hot" (as is in an over pressure) load. It is well inside the specs for 12 ga 3" Mag of 11.500 psi. as per our presuure tests at Ballistic Research. All our ammo must pass pressure tests before it goes to the public! Tri-Ball II does have rather tough recoil, since you are pushing three .600" (325 gr each) balls, for a total weight of some 975 grs (abt 2 1/4 oz). Now,....hang any thing heavy of a
  4. Dixie Slugs is developing a 20 ga 3" Tri-Ball load to go with the 12 ga loads. The load has three hard cast .490" balls in a heavy duty plastic wad with Teflon buffer. Our Benelli test guns will pattern the three balls inside of 6" at 40 yards with the Full Choke tube. Functioning, as expected, was flawless in the Benelli! This little 20 ga Benelli will become very popular with the Tri-Ball 20 load in areas where buckshot is popular. Regards, James
  5. Helo Friends.....I thought I would drop in and tell everyone that we will be shipping the all new 12 ga 3 1/2" Tri-Ball III (three .600" hard cast balls/buckshot @ 1200+'/") in June. This oad is a take off of our 12 ga 3" Tri-Ball II load that has been a run-away! For more information see Dixie Slugs (dixieslugs.com) or email me at [email protected] Regards to All, James
  6. All these slugs are good, however I would like you to consider the products of Dixie Slugs. Our Predator hollowbase slug for smoothbores is an updated style that is full bore size (.730")and is hard hear treated bullet alloy (94%3%3%) @1400'/" and does not deforn like factory soft swaged lead slugs. It weighs 563 grs (over 1 1/4 oz) It is loaded in a 3" hull. Dixie Slugs webpage at dixieslugs.com..........James
  7. For you shooters using your Benelli shotguns with rifled barrels, please consider the Termnator, Express, and Xterminator loads from Dixie Slugs. These slugs are a take-off of the famous British Paradox loads. They are designed for use against dangerous or heavy game in dense cover! In fact, the Xterminator develops 200'/" more velocity, with the same 730 gr weight, as did the Cordite Paradox load. These are not the normal soft swaged lead slugs seen on the market today, but rather hard cast bullet alloy and heat treated. For the smoothbore shooter, we have the Predator hollowbase slug......
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