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  1. The gun is virtually new. I bought it used but it had less than two boxes of shells run through it. I tested it at the range yesterday and you can put 4 shells in the sidesaddle. If I put a 5th shell in the sidesaddle, the gun doesn't cycle. Hoss
  2. Has anyone ever run across this. I mounted a Tacstar 6 round sidesaddle on my Benelli M! Super 90. With 6 rounds in the sidesaddle, the gun will not cycle completely and fails to eject the spent round. I thought that I may have tighted the screw for the sidesaddle too much, so took off the shell holder part, loosened the mounting plate and tried the shotgun without the shell holder mounted. Gun cycled just like it should. Remounted the shell holder portion of the sidesaddle and went to do some shooting. Won't cycle again. My only conclusion is that the weight of the shells in the sidesaddle is absorbing a portion of the recoil and not allowing the action to cycle completely. Anyone know of any way to correct this? I'm going to the range in a couple of days and will experiment with exactly how many shells are necessary before the action fails to function. Any help would be appreciated. Hoss [ 12-26-2004, 01:11 PM: Message edited by: Hoss ]
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