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  1. Lately I've been having a couple issues with my 20ga. First, I can't hit longer clays with the sloped ramp no matter what I do to compensate. Honestly I don't understand the reasoning behind it. Why would they make the POI around 35 yards? Also the action remains really stiff and sometimes doesn't want to cooperate. More than once a game it'll somehow jam during the cycle, and I really have to give it a good second racking.
  2. Got a reply back from Benelli. A guy at the trap range had the same thing going on with his 12ga tactical. At least I know it won't hurt anything.
  3. I noticed the same issue with my Nova. The bolt has a twist cam in it, and will need some force initially for it to turn. Gently push it forward and it won't lock.
  4. Basically I'm having a hard time hitting anything further out than about 25 yards due to the ramped rail design. I recently put a TruGlo sight on the front. Would it help if I somehow put a spacer under it so things are more parallel?
  5. I guess customer service is really busy or something, but asking here too. When I cycle a round, the carrier makes decent contact with the bolt face and extractor. It'll actually spread it open some. Normal?
  6. chris in va


    I would just contact Benelli on this one. They're pretty good about getting back with responses.
  7. A two-piece stock for the Nova.
  8. Just installed my 20ga 4rd extension on my Nova, and with 2 3/4 it only adds another 3 rounds. Is something getting kinked?
  9. Don't forget consignments at the local gun shop. I found some REALLY nice over/unders for half the cost of new, and they were in good shape.
  10. Fantastic, thanks a lot. Wouldn't be very fun finding out I needed a spring too.
  11. You may want to field strip it again, lightly lube the pivots and try again. Could just be stuck.
  12. Just bought the 4rd extension for my Nova 20ga from Cal's. Did I screw up and just get the tube, or does it come with the spring and all the other necessary parts?
  13. An intruder will know where you are if you rack it, taking away the element of suprise. Plus that just means one less round you could be carrying.
  14. I have the same gun you do (Nova 20ga). You're right, the trigger pull is pretty hefty, around 6.5# according to my fishing scale. It still shoots great though, and I can't wait to try out some trap or skeet soon.
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