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  1. I must beg better than both of you. If you leave enough hints throughout the year around the house and take your wives on a really nice trip, she will be like putty in your hands. Or , just get one gift fot the year and let this be it. That is what I did. No b'day, aniv gift btu a **** nice Christmas present. Happy Holidays, Mike
  2. Happy holidays everyone, My wife bought me a Alcione SL Sport for Christmas. The only problem is I shoot LH and it is cast for RH. Very nice looking w/ 20ga barrel set. Since I have only shot semi auto, how much different is this off cast going to make. I called Franchi and they indicated 3-4 months for LH model and the dealer wants a 30% restocking charge. Can a gunsmith bend the stock or any other alternatives avaliavle. Thanks and be safe tonight. Mike
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