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  1. Tbauer

    Customer Service

    My thank you to Benelli Customer Serive. From: Tom Bauer Sent: Friday, January 14, 2005 4:04 PM To: Cc: Tom Bauer Subject: RE: Service Order Number Thank you Craig for your immediate attention! It makes me proud to be the owner of a Benelli and Benelli should be proud of their Customer Service Department! Excellent Customer Service Craig, thank you! Sincerely,
  2. Tbauer

    Customer Service

    Issue resolved after some cage ratteling. From: Craig Johnson Sent: Friday, January 14, 2005 3:59 PM To: Tom Bauer Subject: RE: Service Order Number Dear Mr. Bauer, This is the first communication I have received from you. I was out of the office all day on Wednesday. This morning, my assistant brought your file to my desk and explained the situation. I did a thorough check of our available wood inventory and came up with nothing for your particular shotgun. At that point I searched for entire guns that utilize the same stock and forend. I located a few in our inve
  3. Tbauer

    Customer Service

    TUCKER301, Thats why the have ANTISPAM SOFTWARE!
  4. Tbauer

    Customer Service

    2 messages and now an email. Still waiting. From: Sent: Friday, January 14, 2005 11:53 AM To: Cc: Subject: Service Order Number Importance: High Hi Craig, Craig, do you plan on responding to the messages that I have left you? If not can you please respond to this email so that I can get in touch with someone who is willing to respond to me. I do understand that people can get busy, but the title Customer Service should hold some value. I have left you 2 voice mails and I also know that your assistant left you a message as well because you were out of the
  5. Tbauer

    Customer Service

    Hey MUDHEN, That’s right it is an opinion. What was your point in giving the CS lady a hard time? CS hard time, are you for real? I asked her if she were the customer how would she respond! If your daughter worked at Benelli would you want some guy hassling her like you did? I would hope that I raised her to be competent enough to follow through on messages left that meant the difference between doing a good job and a half a** job. Nice first post. Too bad you were not a regular member before you decided to get on here and vent. You have little credibility IMHO
  6. Customer Service I purchased a Benelli Montefeltro Left Hand 2 years ago. I sent it in because the stock has swelled and split. I take very good care of my gun as a $1000.00 is a lot of money to me. I called customer service and the lady I spoke with was very friendly. I told her that the stock had swelled and split in to different places. She said that it was covered under warranty and that even if the 5 year warranty was up they would still cover because they build and stand behind their product. (WAY BEHIND I AM COMING TO FIND OUT!) I sent the gun in the day after Turkey Day. I
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