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  1. How do I need to break in this gun, I just want to make sure that I do it properly so that I will not have any problems. Thanks
  2. Hey guys, the stock is brand knew never been used. It was $140 when I bought it, I will take $90 for it. It came from the factory in Advantage camo. Good stock to have for anything, but especially turkey season. Email me at [email protected]
  3. I am from Georgia and will be headed to Texas for the first time the second week of the season out there and was just needing some info. on the turkeys, calls, anything that might help me gain an edge out there. I will be hunting outside of Dallas. Thanks
  4. I have been looking everywhere for a pistol grip for my SBE, and I was just hoping that someone could help me locate and purchase one. Thanks Everyone
  5. I have been looking every where to locate and purchase a pistol grip for my SBE. Does anyone have any info. on how I can get my hands on one before turkey season.
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