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  1. I am sure this has been discussed numerous times, but I couldn't find the answer in my searches. Are M1 and M2 barrel interchangeable? Thanks!
  2. I am looking to buy a 18 or 20 inch "tactical" barrel with rifle sights (no ghost rings). I prefer one with screw in chokes, but that is not a deal breaker. Any help will be appreciated.
  3. I bought my Dad a 24" barrel off ebay a while back, but you have to be watching because they don't last long.
  4. I do contract work for the poultry industry here in Texas and was invited to a bio security meeting a couple of weeks ago held by one of the companies that I work for. The veternarian that conducted the meeting is an expert on avian/bird flu and does these meetings all around the country. According to him, the virus is a definite concern to all the US poultry industry, BUT the pandemic in humans is very unlikely. He basically told us that, if we (contractors) wear coveralls and disposable foot wear and disinfect our equipment, there is not much chance of us transferring the virus between farms. The virus is supposed to be easy to kill. The vet said that the media is perpetuating the pandemic threat and is a great way to boost TV ratings and newspaper sales.
  5. Barrels are tough for some reason, but you can check out ebay for both.
  6. I forgot to say that my gun is a Super 90, but I will take your word that the SBE's are different also. I still don't see the point in changing the hangers.
  7. I found out this morning that the hanger is longer on a Benelli USA barrel than an H&K import barrel. It doesn't make any sense, but they are not interchangeable without modifiying or buying a new forend. I just thought someone else might appreciate the info.
  8. bluewater I have killed 15 deer and numerous hogs with my Benelli M1 Super 90 12 ga and buckshot. I use a 21" barrel and have been using modified choke, but I bought a Patternmaster choke a couple of years ago. I have and do use 3" magnum 00 buck but have no brand preference. The main issue with using buckshot is to know your limitations. I will NEVER take a shot with buckshot past 40 yards. My "comfort zone" is 20-35 yards, but I have dropped several past 35 yards. I have personally never had any animal take a step after being hit, but I will say it again. Know your limitations!!!
  9. I use a Patternmaster for buckshot and large steel and have had great results. As far as standard chokes, I would use modified. I have found that my patterns are tighter and more consistent with modified.
  10. I am looking for a 21 or 24 inch Benelli M1 Super 90 12 ga. barrel. I am looking for a used one but will buy new if I can find one. My "go to" places are all out.
  11. I "own" 3 of them. I bought both my sons one last year and bought myself one about a month ago. Two of them have 26" barrels and mine has a 24". They are super little guns. I haven't got to get mine out and put it through a workout, but my 12 ga M1 Super 90 is 10 years old and is tough as nails. Good luck and enjoy your gun.
  12. Even though this is the R1 forum, I will answer your question. I have a G23 that I really like, BUT I did about $150 to "trick it out". I put a competition trigger, titanium firing pin and plunger, new springs, recoil buffer, and a mercury filled guide rod. It shot pretty good before, but it is now a tack driver.
  13. I have 2 H&K imported Benelli Super 90 Tacticals (one with ghost ring sights and pistol grip stock and one with rifle sights and straight stock and both have 4 shot extentions) and am considering selling one of them. What would be a fair price on one of these guns in good to excellent condition?
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