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  1. Was trying to repair my SBE this weekend. The magazine tube got a dent in it and will not accept any rounds. Well just like anyother shotgun I tried to unscrew the tube from the reciever, well 2 turns into it the tube frooze up and now ill not turn in either direction. tried hosing it down with break free and letting it sit, no help. Clamped recievr into padded vise and used strap wrench, strap wrench broke!! HELP!!! is there a trick to this???
  2. still no luck on the serial # front, anyone else???
  3. That made things on the 4th round CRYSTAL clear!!!!! THANKS!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. No help on the HKPRO site. Nothing in the refrence and/or forums sections.
  5. Is there any refrence material out there that shows serial #'s and date cut offs for HK imported Benellis?? I have 12 HK import guns and would like to know a little about them. Also, are all shotgun recievrs and barrels serial numbered to match. I was cleaning my SBE (HK import) and noticed the serial on the frame has a U prefix and the "serial" number on the barrel had an S prefix. ANy help on this matter would help. And I'm still confused about the whole 4th round in the carrier deal!!!
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