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  1. M1hunter

    M2 vs. M1

    I am shooting a M1 12 ga. right now and am thinking about trading up to a M2. Just wondering if anyone has some insights on the new M2. Love my M1 just like to get a new one. Thanks
  2. M1hunter

    M1 Field 20 ga.

    I hunt all my waterfowl with my M1 12 ga. and shoot steel through it all the time. I use the modified choke all the way through unless I late season goose hunting. It for sure has steel safe chokes and I'm pretty sure it's a safe barrel too. There is almost no recoil at all to the 20 ga. When I pheasant hunt im normally shooting 3" shells with a pretty heavy load and I hardly feel the recoil. I think its a great choice.
  3. M1hunter

    M1 Field 20 ga.

    I own a M1 Field 20 ga. in advantage timber HD and a M1 Field 12 ga. in advantage timber. I love them both. I use my 12 ga. for duck hunting and goose hunting. Early season pheasants i love to carry the 20 ga. It is extremly light and easy to pull up and shoot. I love the camo finish, i have a few scratches on my 12 ga. but i have had that one for a few years. I think if you are shooting heavy loads for the 20 ga. it would work great for ducks. Love the gun. Wouldnt trade it for notthing
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