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  1. Is my rib aluminum, or steel like the barrel? I tried the bluing, and it helped a little, but the ding is still quite noticable. It's like three of the tiny little ridges on the rib got flattened out. I'm thinking it's a softer material than steel, or the ridges wouldn't have flattened so easily. So, perhaps the rib is aluminum, and maybe I should try the Aluminum Black?
  2. Does it hurt the gun to dry-fire a Benelli? Is a shot gun different than a center-fire rifle in this regard? How about a rim-fire?
  3. I just got a brand new Legacy. Beautiful gun!!! Only had it out of the box for thirty minutes, and I accidently bumped it against one of my other guns. Now I have a shiny ding on the top the sighting rib. Is there a way I can get rid of this shiny ding on my beautiful new gun? Bluing, or something?
  4. I have an M1 and a Legacy. For disassembly, the manual says to "tear off" the arming bolt. I'm no weakling, but I can't get the bolt to "tear off", pull out, twist out, or anything. On either gun. Is there a trick to this?
  5. I just bought a new Benelli Legacy. There's nothing in the manual that explains how to remove the magazine plug. I've tried disassembling the fore-end and unscrewing the tube from the receiver, but it does not readily unscrew. I'm afraid to force it. All the shotguns I've ever had before, including my other Benelli (M1), allows you to remove the plug from the front-end of the magazine tube. Help???
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