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  1. Can't find the chart that shows the restrictions for the SBE( NOT A SBE II) factory choke tubes...Anyone have it? Thanks for any help guys! Scott
  2. Come on fellas....I did not mean for this to be A yellin' match!!! I will do A test this weekend(if possible) and give ya all the results. I will do an "open eye" pattern/shim test w/ my SBE and Nova. Then I will do A sight (left eye closed) rifle style test w/ different shims. I just think that one of two things could be wrong. 1.My gun mounting has changed in the last two years. (in hunting and sporting clays...not sighting!) 2.My SBE and Nova don't like after market tubes(extended). They both have been shooting way to low(rifle sighting) on pattern test's w/ extended after market tubes. I have even sent A Patternmaster back for A new one.(nice folks at PM) NMB, Yes I do like GSP's, and yes mine is all Liver. She is one tough five and A half yr. old. She loves any kinda hunting that I have thrown at her so far. She is just A little too impatient on A slow duck day, but she will swim until she can't go anymore. She is the smartest dog that I have ever owned! Thanks guys! Scott
  3. Thanks Remy! I have been watching that one, but didn't bid. I will get one sometime. Does anyone know where that article is? I have searched everwhere with no luck! Thanks again. Scott [ 05-29-2006, 10:59 AM: Message edited by: livergsp ]
  4. Thanks mudhen! Hey do you know how much A 28" barrel would be and where to get them?(for my SBE) BJ, Not sure what you are asking!?!?!? I patterned my SBE for turkey season w/ A Patternmaster EXT tube(for goose hunting) to see if it would work on turkey load. The pattern was very low using the rifle method of sighting, so I tried others. The only ones that put the POI on the POA were none extending tubes, like my Briley xfull turkey and factory tubes. Everthing that is extended is throwing my pattern very low! So I tried to forget about the POI and POA stuff and went out and shot A couple of rounds of SC. Does this help? Scott [ 05-27-2006, 08:56 PM: Message edited by: livergsp ]
  5. I think that you guys might be correct.... It may just be me!!! I did not pattern the gun, I just shot A round of S.C.'s. A guy w/ A new SBEII on his 2nd ever time shooting SC beat me by 5 birds.(I shot his and he tried mine) W/ the same results! I have never been this bad, so I am going to get my eyes checked. Creeping up on ole 40. My SBE didn't come w/ an "A" shim, so I am going to put in the "C" shim now and forget about it. I think that aiming at Turkey targets has me not pointing my gun correctly. I have always been in the 80's in S.C., and now I am struggling to break 60 birds. Thanks guys for your suggestions and advise. Scott PS Mudhen, is that you from the Refuge? Good to see ya! livergsp [ 05-26-2006, 07:56 PM: Message edited by: livergsp ]
  6. WOW!!! Now I am really stumped. I changed my shims from The "D" to the "B" and got worse. Now what? Anyone need A SBE? Thanks for the help guys, but I think something else is wrong w/ the gun. Scott
  7. You guys think A shim in the stock will change the POI of the barrel? I am aiming the gun at A stationary target using the front and rear beads the same position(in line) every time I shoot. From A bench like A rifle. I could understand if the gun didn't fit, but not for POI from the barrel. At this point I will try anything! Thanks, Scott
  8. Hey all. I am having some issues w/ my SBE and patterning aftermarket choke tubes. I have A Patternmaster ext. and it has been patterning very low. The top of the pattern is my point of aim, so I thought I would try others, and my Briley LM ext/poted is also low.Hav not tried factory tube yet, but will do so this weekend. This past weekend I shot my worst ever Sporting clays round, and was not smoking targets unless I raised my barrel on purpose. I am not giving up yet, but I am getting very frustrated. Does anyone have A clue??? Please post any info, I am open to suggestions. Thanks guys. Scott [ 05-23-2006, 09:41 PM: Message edited by: livergsp ]
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