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  1. I have an original Benelli extension tube for the M1014/1107. Just curious what these are going for these days. Any thoughts would be appreciated. thanks Conrad
  2. will the insight illuminators fit M1014? anyone?
  3. Yes I have the originaly smooth recoil tube for my m1014. Can you purchase the recoil tube for the collapsable stock pictured above from benelli without going to a gunsmith?
  4. Oh one more thing - I just spoke with my benelli dealer and he advised that benelli commented that you need some sort of special tool to change the stock, is this correct? if so what tool? thanks
  5. Stevenb - I appreciate the help. I checked on the side armor website but could not find the quick disconnect swivel. Also, which tacstar should I get for the m1014 - tacstar makes models for ruger, winchester, etc. please let me know which model so I can purchase. Lastly, which cqb sling? Of note, I notices on the benelli italy website the m1014 had the m3 illuminator attached to the extension tube via some kind of mount. Do you know if the m1014 will accept the m3 or m6? and with what mount? I appeciate your comments. thanks
  6. Gentlemen, I have ready these instructions, downloaded the owners manual and still am confused as to how to install the collapsable stock to my m1014. Here is what I currently have: M1014 - purchased from dealer Collapsalbe stock part no. 81040 purchased from benelli My benelli dealer spoke directly with benelli and specifically requested a collapsable stock. Benelli sent him part no. 80140 in response to his request. I have followed the directions on this page and the users manual I previously downloaded. I can remove the buttstock; however, I am unable to turn the pi
  7. I have thr M1014 with skeleton stock and I want to add the M4 stock. Is this possible?? Secondarily, which stock (part Number) do i buy??
  8. Thanks Tucker. One question....is that a special plate on the SBE steady grip or just a mounting plate that any gunsmith can attach?
  9. Of note, I just noticed in the accessory page that Benelli has a pistol grip stock for the M1/M3. Would this same pistol grip stock fit the SBE II? thanks
  10. One more question. Can I add a pistol grip stock to my SBE II like the SBE Steady grip? If so, again who can I contact? Benelli? THanks
  11. I have an SBE II and would like to add a scope for when I turkey hunt. The scope should obviously go over the receiver. However, there are no holes for me to tap. I did notice that the SBE Steady Grip is tapped and ready for mount. I would like to have the same for my SBE II. Can this be done? If so, can Benelli do it for me? ANyone know who to contact? Any advise is greatly appreciated. thanks
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