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  1. birddog .. yes I have, but the M2 is not available i Europe, (try www.benelli.it) and those avaiable are much more expensive than in USA. I´ll se if can find a dealer with export capabilities Thank´s all of you for the help
  2. Thank´s for the advice - seems to be a bit more diffucault, than I thought ! Perhaps I can order online from home and have one mailed. Bennelli is allmost unknown i Denmark and the few ones you cant get (Montefeltro) are expensive compared to US (about 2000 dollars incl: state tax) this is why I will try in the US
  3. I have tryed to contact a gunshop in WA, as I´m going to WA on vacasion this summer, and I want to buy a Benelli M2 Wood during my stay. BUT he won´t sell me one because I´m a non US citizen. Can anyone tell me what kind of shop i`ll have to contact ?? I`m from Denmark
  4. Can anyone tell me if the M2 can fire 24gram steelshot (normal Trap-shooting 2"3/4)- I´m from denmark and here we can´t use lead. I use steelshot for all kind of hunting, and I´m going to USA this summer and I want to bring a Benelli M2 with me home. The heaviest loads I use is 2"3/4.
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