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  1. i was jsut wandering what everyone used to clean off there synthetic stocks. im not really sure what to use to help protect my gun and keep looking and nice. thanks for any help
  2. shooter11

    new pump

    i was just wondering if benelli had any plans of releasing an updated model of the nova, or even a completly new pump. thanks for any info.
  3. shooter11


    I was just wandering what turkey and waterfowl chokes people have found to work the best for them in there nova. Please include type of choke and shot please thanks.
  4. shooter11

    new gun

    I just got a Nova for my birthday a few days ago. This is my first shotgun, however I have hunted before. My question was concerning cleaning. I've heard that you should take your gun through a "break-in" process. Now I was just wandering if I should clean my gun before I fire it for the first time or just clean it after wards. Thanks for any help.
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