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  1. Thanks...much appreciated. At least someone out there knows what they're talking about. I was really disappointed by the G.M. gun guy. Thought he could help. That will teach me to stick with my local gunshop. Now if I can only decide which "red dot" to go with....
  2. I plead ignorance...I need some help. I'm not at all familiar with scopes on shotguns, but want to put one on my new SBE II. What do I need as far as bases? I actually asked one of the guys in Gander Mountain today, and he looked at me like I had two heads. He had no idea what I needed, and it wasn't in his book yet, so I left with nothing. Anybody have any guidance?
  3. OK, maybe a dumb question...any suggestions on what bases to use for scope mounting on the SBE II? I haven't found them listed anywhere yet. What will work?
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