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  1. I made a trip to Cabelas and took your advice sleepydoc, I see the differences you mentioned. I want a gun that hunts, not looks pretty in the guncase...so now its down to the M2 or SBE2. You know with Hevi-Shot these days its hard to justify the need for the 3-1/2's in my world. Sure, its more...but I like getting them in close anyway (turks). On another note, I also switched out chokes this weekend on my 870. I bought a Jellyhead for my Hevi-shot and it shoots so tight Im afraid of a miss under 20 yards! No scope for me, so its back to Full.
  2. Thanks tucker301, I mentioned the light loads because my wife is just getting into trap. I am curently putting her on the 870 20ga diet right now, and was curious if the light ones would cycle if I put her on the Binelli. I guess inertia works by the theory of every action has an opposite and equal reaction. So your reply makes good sense. I was truly amazed the other day when I cycled the chamber and felt it for the first time. Hardly any friction. Pretty amazing. I would still like to know the differences in the line of guns.
  3. Hello folks, brand new to the Benelli scene and have a few basic questions regarding the differences in guns. Here goes: 1. I know the SBE2 launches the 3-1/2's, but is this the only difference between it and the M2? 2. I will be using this gun for all my scattergun needs from Turkey hunting to clays. I love the overall usage of the synthetic, but the Montefeltro is pulling at my heartstrings on the classic look. Is this gun as good as it claims to be? Whats the difference in this one and the M2 other than looks? 3. As stated before, I will be shooting clays with this gun. Any problems with 2-3/4" light 9 loads via the inertia system? Any help would be appreciated, most salesman just say they are all good choices...but honestly for the money I want to know everything before laying a dozen dead presidents on the table! Regards from KC!
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