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  1. I had a gunsmith take it apart, clean it with ethyr, then spray it with G-96. Still misfiring. I was told that Benelli's can't shoot consistentely in cold weather. Benelli said they'll take it in for a look. I'm going to send it in. I didn't want to waste the time, though, if it was caused by my not holding the butt tight against my shoulder. After 150 shots, you get kind of sore, and I may be subconsciously not holding the gun tight, therefore causing the bolt not to lock, thereby causing the firing pin to malfunction. I was hoping someone else had the problem and could lead me in the right direction.
  2. Sometimes, when I fire my SBE, I hear a noise that sounds like a credit card is being pulled over the teeth of a plastic comb. When this happens the firning pin doesn't strike the primer hard enough to mark it. I shoot Fiocchi high-velocity 12 gauge Golden Pheasant loads in 2 3/4 inch, and Winchester Supreme 3" turkey loads. It could be that I'm not holding the butt tight against my shoulder while shooting, or it may be that my shotgun doesn't like cold winter weather. I've never fired it in warm weather. Any advice?
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