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  1. KoolBreeze check this out... http://www.benelliusa.com/forums/ultimatebb.php/topic/1/1579.html#000000
  2. Tucker ain't got enough overies ta give his real address, that's the police station in Waterloo Ia. He's trying to display his IT capabilties.
  3. What's your address?
  4. I think your analogy of a sports car and the S.S is way off base after all doesn't the S.S. and the S.B.E.II use the same operating system? Anyway I drive a 3500 Chevy Duramax and pull either my 32' 5th wheeler or my Ranger fisherman with it. If I would have asked you if there was a slug barrel for the S.S. out on the shooting range and you came up with some smart remark this 6'3" 230# Viet Nam Vet farm boy would have wraped that comfort tech stock around your forehead, then you'd think mommie!!! You can take is forum and stick it!!!!
  5. Well lets step it up another notch. I think yur a jerk!! I was always told the only dumb question is the one you don't ask. The Super Sport and the SBE II look allot to me and I wondering if the barrels exchanged.
  6. Well I'm not suprised there are people like you on the internet!!!!
  7. Saguaro Kid

    Super Sport

    I was suprised they don't offer a slug barrel for the Super Sport? I kinda wanted a do everything shot gun and didn't give it any thought that a slug barrel wasn't offered. Won't one off a Super Black Eagle fit? Thanks
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