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  1. Congadulations. You're about to indulge in what will become a sickness. haha.. nothing like being out in the spring woods and enjoying all things outside. I agree with everyone. A friction call is by far the easiess to master and the push-pull calls will afford you the least movement if attached to your turkey taker. A turkey's eyesight and hearing are far and away much keaner then humans. Thank heaven they can't smell worth a hoot.. If so we'd hunt long hours before tagging one, if ever.. I noticed you said: "so I can still move up to my gun." Plz don't!! While working the bird you should b
  2. Although I'm the only hunter using a Nellie (Benelli) out of our hunting group, 2 hunters use a Berretta along with me and my Nellie. After alot of trial and error over the years we've all settled on shooting 2 oz's of #5's through a quality 665 choke gives us outstanding patterns and clean kills. A note for some of you: In "Nellie" I'm sliding those #5's down a 18.5" barrel. Good luck and good hunting to all gentlemen... BE SAFE;;;
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