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  1. Still looking for an M4 stock. I know someone has a "take off" that's sitting around. Let me know. Seth
  2. Ill take the stock if its still available.
  3. Im looking for an M1 or an M4 stock. Im told the M4 stock will fit with slight modification.
  4. This is a brand new Eagle Industries Stock Pack. It is not compatible with my M4 skeleton stock, so it has to go. US made so it is superior to other stock packs. Price is $35 shipped
  5. FALaholic

    WTS M1 Stock

    I purchased this stock new thinking it would work on my M4. Price is $60 shipped to you.
  6. I paid about $1300 brand new in the box. Still considering a side saddle since I havent heard anything new on stevenb's venture. How bout it steve?
  7. I would be interested! I really like the idea of improving the current offering of the "side saddle" Keep us up to date.
  8. Just bought an M4 M1014, and wanted to see if I got burned. **** this these things are high!
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