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  1. jus go outback with some card board boxes nd shot at them from different distances and find the pattern out with the different shot sizes, that easy, dont waste ur time yapping onthe net for help, go experiment!
  2. hey all u wanksters lol.....um i can out drink an alcoholic, so stfu, nd ah....i can out shoot u all anyday.....u come to my neck of the woods nd ill prove it to yah. nd i know what im talking bout, it doesnt matter that im 17, its my skillz i have, that own u all..... dont hate the player hate the game
  3. i dunno...but i hope someone else that comes along might know.... have fun nd party hard, member guns n' alcohol dont mix, plz dont drink n' drive! click it or ticket! peace, B3n3|_|_1 |) |_|, ( |( |( 1 |_ |_ 3 r
  4. ok..... lemme set this straight for all u newbies, the difference between a 26 nd a 28 inch barrel is a 26 inch barrel will have a bigger shot pattern/spread, a 28 inch barrel will have a small shot pattern/spread, by those 2 inches of the barrel. that goes for all types of shotguns, oh nd it depend on the choke u use too, if it is M IC F or w/e the symbols are for the chokes
  5. ok...so i got a recoil reducer, nd i threw away the rubber hose, someone told me u can buy a new piece from the hardware store, well what gauge us that nd is it lined with wire between the layers?
  6. ight thnx um..... do u know how big it has to be, or if its wire braided inbetween the layers of the plastic tubing or w/e ?
  7. oh and also if i cant does benelli sell parts of that sort? or will i have to buy a new kit?
  8. oh and also if i cant does benelli see parts of that sort? or will i have to buy a new kit?
  9. i got a question i bought a recoil reducer nd the hose/tube got thrown away, so what can i do? can i jus buy a piece of hose from the hardware store or what?
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