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  1. I live in a 3rd world country and prpepare for 3 situations. First, a non pro intruder trying to rob the house in which case sit still and absolutely quiet until and if intruder is point blank. I keep a Beretta .40 and a surefire light in holsters on the bedrail. Second, a pro group of intruders/attackers entering or attacking to rob or kidnap. In this case a shotgun with buckshot with integral light, start shooting and close distance. I have had several attempted intrusions in the past few years and take this all pretty serious... pre thought lines of fire/attack and extra shells and clips strategically placed throughout home. Third is a non pro outdoors screwing around with my car or looking for petty theft. In this case a harsh warning, sound of shell racking into chamber and surefire light into face. My living space is in the second level and storage and carport on ground level. First level of protection and alert is an australian cattle dog on the balcony at each of the two primary entrances. But for shotgun purchase my opinion is shorter is better and practice until handling and firing is instinctive. If you need to be thinking in the real moment of need, your'e screwed. If anyone's wondering how to tell the difference between pro's and non pro, here in central america the pros come in hard using shock and surprise.. the non-pros try sneaking around.
  2. I recently purchased Benelli M1 Super 90 for self defense, primarily in home. It has a barrel approximately 18" and a magazine extension which holds 6, 2 3/4" shells. Custom forgrip labeled Laser Products Corp with an integral surefire like light. Stock with integral pistol grip and standard stock, I live in Central America with a limited selection. My preference would be for a shorter barrel, etc similar to the Entry Model. Is it possible to purchase the shorter, 14" barrel and also a magazine cap so I can remove the mag extension. Also, pistol grip with no standard stock extension. There is a wave of "kidnap express" in the country in which I live. We gringos are more and more becoming targets. Recently there have been a serious of incidents which lead me to believe I am on someones list of potential targets. My preference for shotgun is a a bit shorter than the defense model of the M1 super90. Also any ideas on an appropriate choke for inside the home and immediate surroundings. John
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