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  1. Can a full size 20ga stock be readily fit to the a youth 20ga frame?
  2. Did HK ever make a left handed super black eagle?
  3. HERE IS A LITTLE TIDBIT FROM BENELLI: "The Stoeger is made in Turkey. Also has a different recoil spring. Other than that they are pretty much the same. They wanted to make a gun that was similar to the Benelli that is affordable. Stoeger is half the price, but you don't get as many options as you do with the Benelli. Example you cannot adjust the drop on the Stoeger. You can on the Benelli." >
  4. someone has to be able to provide a better answer than that!! This is a serious question and I would like to know the difference. thanks
  5. what is the difference in the 3" guns? why is the benelli twice the money?
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