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  1. I know I'm not the only one this happens to. If I'm loading the gun quickly, its pretty easy to get my thumb pinched between the receiver and the shell carrier. Not only does it hurt like ****, it stops the loading process in its tracks and isn't easy to get out of. Does anybody make a replacement carrier that is shaped in such a way as to not do this?
  2. I don't know if its under warranty or not. I bought it used and haven't had it for very long. The only thing that keeps me from a 100% sure diagnosis of a "bad weld" is the fact that the external shell carrier screw sheared off on the same shot. As mentioned, it was factory PMC #4 buck and the recoil didn't seem all that bad, but it is possible it was an over pressure round. Anybody else with a suggestion here?
  3. I was at the range tonight, trying to see how well this shotgun feeds with the side saddle installed and full. The light, target loads didn't have enough power to cycle the action, even with the rounds removed. I then switched to buckshot. I fired 5 rounds of PMC 00 buck without problems. I then loaded up with #4 buck and had a catastrophic falure. The screw that holds the side saddle on, sheared off and fell to the floor. The empty had ejected, but the new round was still in the carrier. I cycled the action to chamber the new round and I noticed that the barrel was not fully in the rec
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