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  • Birthday 03/22/1949

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    Manchester, Missouri
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    Hunting, fishing
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    Retired SWBT
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  1. Gerry

    Cleaning The R1

    I discovered that the owners manual was not very clear on maintenance. After following the directions to completely break it down it was filthy. See owners manual recommendations below: Maintenance Before beginning any operation whatsoever on your carbine, always make sure that chamber and magazine have been completely emptied! (Carefully read loading and unloading instructions). Thanks to its extremely simple design and accurately chosen materials, the ARGO carbines do not require special maintenance. We nevertheless recommend the following: 1) routine cleaning of the barrel after use; 2) periodically clean and lubricate the firing mechanism (hammer, trigger and magazine) to avoid clogging with powder residuals (or other foreign matter);
  2. No kidding! I meant 14.4". Sorry
  3. Does anyone know where the best place to order the 14'4" rifle butt extension? Is $45.00 the best price you can get anywhere?
  4. Thanks. Yes, I was looking at a different site: http://www.benelliusa.com/firearms/r1-comfortech.tpl
  5. I own a 308 R1. The Benneli website only shows a 300 and 30 06 now. Did they stop making the 308?
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