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  1. Maybe what confused you was that Benelli only offers extra barrels for 30-06 and 300 WM, but the whole gun can still be purchased in 308, for sure.
  2. When Federal printed the warning Chronos listed, the existing autoloaders where the Browning BAR and Remington 7400. Both, long-throw gas operated systems. The R-1 combines the short throw ARGO gas AND mechanical mechanisms, which to me, suggests less suseptibility to the excess pressures Federal HE pressures. But.....I let someone else prove the theory, thankyou. Seriously, can a moderator contact Benelli about this?
  3. With the BAR, FEderal advised that their High Energy loads in .308, 30-06 not be used. Is this the case with the R-1, too? Is it all autoloaders, or just the BAR?
  4. rhinsd

    308 to 300WM?

    So I called Benelli and the answer, simple enough, is that when you buy a barrel (only '06 and 300 wmag now available) you get the magazine and bolt together as part of a "all you need" kit. Maybe 300 wsm next year.
  5. rhinsd

    308 to 300WM?

    barrel, bolt, AND a magazine....right? Are dealers selling them. How do I acquire these?
  6. rhinsd

    308 to 300WM?

    I've got a new R-1 in 308 for hog hunting but want the flexibility to go 300 win mag or 300wsm for elk. What do I have to buy to make the conversion to either upgraded calibers?
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