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  1. So how does one remove the plugs to install a rail on an M2 Tactical? Can the plugs be notched and removed with a screwdriver? Or does one have to go in through the receiver? Thanks for any tips and tricks!
  2. Hi I want to install a Large Bolt handle on my M2 Tactical. How is this done? Do I need to remove the barrel and bring the Bolt forward? I have no idea where my manual is. Is there a place to down load or view one? Thanks in advance.
  3. Do you have the Reduced recoil stock? What options are there to reduce recoil with out reducing the ability for the weapon to cycle?
  4. Thank you magikbullet. I ordered the extension tube and Bolt racker! I already have a specter gear butt stock shell holder and tactical sling . So know I can grab the M2 and have 14 rounds with me.
  5. Thank you for you prompt relies and tips and even where to fing the extension! Stock my M2 is 3+2 right? So with the 7 round extension will I now have 3+7 and if I desire 1 chambered for a total of 11?
  6. magikbullet Is the extension a 5 or 7 rounder? So whats the capacity of your M2? What's the name and vendor? I want to add one that does not go beyond the end of the barrel as well!
  7. Which Extension Tube did you buy? I don't want the tube to go beyond the end of the barrel on an M-2 Tactical.
  8. I use them on my M2 Tactical and like them. I have meps on my G22 and 35.
  9. Can that Shot Gun come into California?
  10. Welcome, Joe! [ 12-01-2005, 12:26 AM: Message edited by: M2 Tactical ]
  11. Hello Any Idea where I can obtain a mount for a tactical light on an M2 Tactical ?
  12. Hi Red Cobra. What is the plastic work that allows one to attach a light to an M2? Nice set ups you have!
  13. I never did quite figure correctly on my M2 Tactical! I ordered and received a 4 extension from Tom Knapp ( a Sure Cycle ) and its way beyond the end of the M2 Tactical’s barrel. Which would give me 9+1 of 2- 3/4” shells. So I am now ordering a +2 from Impact which should net me 7+ 1 and not stick beyond the4 end of the barrel.
  14. http://www.impactguns.com/store/benelli_parts.html
  15. Go to Tom Knapps site and order the extension tube. https://tp-commerce.techpro.com/tomknapp/shopdisplayproducts.asp?id=34&cat=Benelli+Parts+%26+Acc%27s
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