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  1. I picked up my Legacy 28 a few months back and I have shot nothing else since. I seem to be able to hit more targets and birds with it than I do with my 20 and 12-gauge Benellis. I absolutely love it! Just took it on a grouse and woodcock hunt at the Little Moran in MN and it was a pleasure to carry all day long.
  2. How about Brett Favre showing off his junk and I don't mean his Remington guns. Remember when Remington dropped Zumbo like a hot potato over his "black guns" comment? I wonder if they will do the same for the alleged "lewd-and-lascivious" Mr. Favre? How could he be so stupid to be "sexting" pictures of his "frank-and-beans" considering how famous he is...can you say, "Tiger Woods?"
  3. So what are you suggesting? A rematch? We may need to get somebody from Rolex involved as an official timing judge.
  4. Anybody help a brother out?
  5. I have a full length Nova 20-ga and would like to give it to my son but he needs a shorter stock. Is it possible to cut the stock down and what would you do then for a butt pad?
  6. I had a chance to handle the Legacy 28-gauge at the Pheasants Forever show and it was very nice. It's very light (as Benelli says "the lightest gun in the world") but still swings amazingly well. Points very nicely too. I can't wait to get one. I put my name on the list with my local dealer. Don't tell the wife -- I figure it is better to ask for forgiveness rather than permission
  7. Check out this new video and commercial. Cool stuff.
  8. From Knapp: I am honored to tell everyone that I was asked to participate in a production for the History Channel. The TV show is called "Sharp Shooters" and will be airing Friday, July 21st at 8:00pm Eastern/Pacific and 7:00pm Central. (If you have Direct TV check your listings.) If you are not able to watch the first airing, it will air again at various times. You can search for "Sharp Shooters" on the History Channel here: http://www.historychannel.com Sharp Shooters: Friday, July 21 @ 8pm ET Sharp Shooters: Saturday, July 22 @ 12am ET Sharp Shooters: Wednesday, Ju
  9. Has anyone seen Flanigan's so called world record? Something is very fishy here. First of all what happened to the video that was from his "certified" world record. How did that ever get certified in the first place if there was no video to back it up? Look closely at what Flanigan has posted on his web site. At first it looks like the boy did it, but look again. The first target breaks before the gun is even pointed at the cluster of targets. Also, the sound is out of sync with the first shot but not out of sync with the rest. If the sound was going to be out of sync from putting i
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