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  1. TomA

    R1 in .308 accuracy

    Thanks tucker 301! First, I didn't do the break in. I just cleaned barrel prior to shooting. I'll do the cleaning procedure before trying to sight in again. As for scope, i've got a 8x56 fixed Swarovski with good rings and mounting technique, so I should be ok there. Ammunition. I called Hornady, told them what I'd already shot, and was advised to try the 165 gr btsp, which I've already ordered. I guess I'll give it a try after the barrel break in. I'll also re-try the Winchester and 150 gr Hornady. Tweaking. I'll check the indexing mark, and tighten if loose. I'll also add an oiled O-ring. Probably wait till after deer season to try to find a gunsmith to polish the trigger. So far, no one has been willing to do this for me; liability problems I guess. Thanks again, and I'll let you know how it goes.
  2. I'm having trouble getting better than a 4" 100 yard group off a bench. I've tried Winchester Supreme 150gr ballistic silvertip, and Hornady 150 gr SST. Does anyone have any suggestions? The terrible trigger doesn't help.
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