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  1. I started this "problem" - and I have sorted out my problem! From the users manual I believed that I could assemble and take my R1 apart without the use of tools. Not totally true ... I learned that I have to use the fore end follower on the fore end assembly as a tool to tighten the barrel lock follower assembly hard enough. This sorted my R1 - and it works perfectly now! Hopefully this may help you too?? Happy New Year and good luck!
  2. Hi champ...! No military surplus... my training ammo (full metal jacket) is SB33160 and UMC centerfire L30062 - supposedly good quality ammo? Have never fired more than 12 rounds pr day, 3 series of 4 - cleaned (and oiled moving parts) after every dayat the shooting range. Any constructive suggestions of "quality" full metal jacket ammunition? Have planned to use the new Fusion 180 gr for game hunting
  3. Hi! I'm suffering a problem with reloading my 30-06... Have only fired 40-60 rounds with training ammo so far, from Winchester and Sellier & Beliot. The problem is that the round is not brought into the chamber, but I have the "click". This means that it reloads, but not completely. Very annoying since the Norwegian moose season is just around the corner, and this makes the theoretical follow-up shot difficult...! Any good ideas?
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